1. The annual fee is set at EUR 50 and is valid from September 1 until 31 August of the next year.  Payment to made to account BE81 XXXX XXXX XXXX
  2. Payment of the membership fee implies that the Member accepts the terms of this set of internal rules.
  3. The association keeps the data  of its members (first name, surname and e-mail address) for its own use only.
  4. The website of the Association is A dedicated activities Facebook page is available ( and an Instagram account (
  5. The payment of the contribution gives access to approximately 8 to 10 cultural events per year (this includes the entry fee, guidance costs, and a drink offered at the end of the visit).
  6. The member may, twice a year, invite a person of his/her choice to accompany him/ her to a visit by informing the Secretariat in advance at
  7. The members will be informed of the activities by e-mail and will be asked to confirm their participation prior to the visit.
  8. E-mail address will be used for the Association’s contacts.
  9. During the visits, members have to comply with the specific rules of the places visited.
  10. Members shall visit the proposed premises under their own responsibility.The association may not be held liable for any accident or damage caused by its members at the places visited.